Mirror Lake Dam Rehab

Beginning today (Sept 9th, 2010) the Mirror Lake Dam (Located at Timm’s Mill County Park in Lake Delton, WI.) will be undergoing some much needed rehabilitation.  The dam has not seen any major maintenance for over 10 years and sustained some damage in the ’98 flood as well. The work will include reconstruction of the boat landing and the spillway as well as repair the lower dam area popular with local fisherman and more. In the process Mirror lake will be lowered by no more than 5 feet to accommodate the work.  The slight lowering of the water should have little effect on park visitors as the lake  has been high most of the year as it is.  According to the Sauk County Parks office the project should be completed by November 15th.

The Mirror Lake Dam holds back Dell Creek to create Mirror Lake within the state park.

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  • Katae says:

    A beautiful spot!I love the edit! It kind of rendmis me of looking through a viewfinder. I loved those as a kid. :) So very glad you are feeling much better. I came back a couple of times to see if you added a note. Good news to hear.

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