New Campsite Pictures

Summer is just around the corner of course and it’s time again to start reserving your 2011 campsites.  In order to make choosing a site at Mirror Lake State Park a bit easier we’re working on providing photos of the individual campsites.  Today we’ve added photos from the Sandstone Ridge Campground at Mirror Lake State Park.  We’ll be adding even more campsite pictures as we head into the summer season.

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  • Javier says:

    I would like to recommend to you Death Valley. This may be a ltltie bit further of a drive than what you would like to do. But, its awesome there and it would be worth it. I usually go during the 3 day weekend that is in February. I live in San Diego and I leave real early on Saturday and come home real late on Monday. Death Valley has some camping areas you can reserve. They also have back country camping where you are seriously the only people around. No reservation needed for that at all. That is what I like to do. Just follow their rules. Check in at the ranger station first thing. As far as activities go. They have hiking trails. They have driving trails. They have a lot of cool sights to see. I like Titus Canyon, The Racetrack, The lowest point in the continental USA, picture taking of flowers, and Scotty’s Castle. Plus so much more. Yes it may be cold at night. But, its nothing a decent tent with they fly on, a good sleeping bag, and a cuddle buddy (girlfriend) can’t handle. Some tricks for keeping your tent a tad warmer at night is to layer up the flooring. Meaning before you put your tent down lay out a tarp or something (footprint). Place your tent on the tarp. THEN fold up another tarp to fit nicely on the floor INSIDE the tent. Use your sleeping pads too . obviously. I do this for my girlfriend who gets cold really easy. She likes it. One last trick and I swear I am done. Stuff some of your warm cloths into your sleeping bag while you are trying to get to sleep. So that it replaces any cold air space that may be there. Have a good time no matter what you do.

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